64 Studio

Have GNU/Linux your way!

64 Studio Ltd. produces, integrates and documents free and open source software for media. We have developed bespoke GNU/Linux distributions for our partners, and packaged their applications for automated installation. Our software has been included in several shipping products in the professional audio market. In 2005 we built a GNU/Linux distribution '64 Studio' which was the first multimedia workstation for the AMD64 architecture, winning critical acclaim for its stability and high performance. The best of this work can now be enjoyed in official Debian and Ubuntu releases.

The PiDeck project

PiDeck is an open source hardware and Free Software project retro-fitting the Raspberry Pi onto a turntable. The software is based on the armhf (ARM Hard Float) port of Debian GNU/Linux stable (jessie) and xwax. This software is built into a custom single-purpose distribution (using PDK), which you can hack on, or just and put on a micro SD card for your own Pi.

Please email daniel at 64studio.com for all enquiries.