Open source hardware and software for media

64 Studio Ltd. produces, integrates and documents open source hardware and software for media, with a particular focus on real-time audio applications. We develop bespoke GNU/Linux distributions for our partners, package their applications for automated installation, and design embedded system hardware.

We believe that open and extensible digital media tools should be available to everyone, regardless of their income or the country they happen to live in.

Organnery retro-fits digital organs with ARM CPUs

Organnery retro-fits existing keyboards, pedals and stops to work with the open source classical organ modelling software Aeolus, created by Fons Adriaensen. The best parts of an existing organ, such as the woodwork and the physical controls the organist is used to, can be retained and integrated into a new Organnery instrument. The Organnery software is a customised Debian GNU/Linux image for ARM processors, including the Aeolus synthesiser and the programs it requires to run as a dedicated system, prepared in partnership with Audiotronic by 64 Studio.

New OpenMHA earpieces from Bat and Cat Corporation

Bat and Cat earpiece circuit board
Bat and Cat earpiece circuit board

Bat and Cat Sound Labs of Palo Alto, USA has created earpieces for the open hardware Cape4All multichannel soundcard. These earpieces will be used in a wearable device for hearing aid field trials. You can see a preview of the complete hardware system on the 64 Studio YouTube channel.

64 Studio interview in Linux Format magazine

Interview with 64 Studio in LXF 250

Thanks to Jonni Bidwell of Linux Format magazine for profiling our work in issue 250! A PDF of the interview is available, reproduced with permission from

Ultra-low I2S audio latency on ARM

The I2S format used in the circuit board of your vintage CD player is proving very interesting as a peripheral interface for full-duplex, multi-channel audio boards on ARM devices. At the request of the openMHA community we have developed a hearing aid research distribution codenamed 'Mahalia' for the BeagleBone Black, with the lowest audio latency figures we've seen on any GNU/Linux device. Please see our presentation at Embedded Linux Conference Europe below, and the openMHA presentation video from the Linux Audio Conference for the details.

OpenMHA featured in MagPi magazine

Feature on OpenMHA in MagPi 67

The official magazine of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has featured the OpenMHA hearing aid research project in issue 67. You can download a free PDF of issue 67 courtesy of MagPi.

Wondering how we do it?

Tutorial on creating real-time audio appliances with Debian

Find out how to build the software for GNU/Linux audio appliances and why we recommend Debian in this tutorial video.


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Our postal address is 63 School Green Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9AT, Great Britain.